Raising Your Voice: Introducing the Parkinson Advisory Council

Photo of Todd MacPherson, VP Community Engagement of Parkinson Canada, who will work with the new Parkinson Advisory Council directly

Raising the voice of people affected by Parkinson’s has always been an important priority of Parkinson Canada. During the CEO Listening Tour held this past summer, it became clear that we needed to establish new ways to engage people affected by Parkinson’s in the work of Parkinson Canada. Specifically, we heard the need to establish a diverse group of representatives affected by Parkinson’s to advise and provide insights into Parkinson Canada’s work.

We are excited to announce that Parkinson Canada is officially establishing the Parkinson Advisory Council. This group will advise and make recommendations to the President & CEO on key programs and strategy decisions that address the unmet needs of people affected by Parkinson’s. More than 55 years ago, a group of volunteers – people with Parkinson’s and care partners – established what would become the Parkinson Foundation of Canada and ultimately evolved to the Parkinson Canada you know today. The Parkinson’s voice was at the centre of the organization then and will continue to be now.

“What has become clear to me in my time at Parkinson Canada is the importance of hearing from the many diverse voices and perspectives of people impacted by Parkinson’s. Without you there would be no Parkinson Canada, and we need to be sure your voice is heard when making key decisions. We believe that people with Parkinson’s, their care partners, and family members should have a guiding voice in shaping the work of Parkinson Canada,” says Karen Lee, President and CEO of Parkinson Canada.

PAC will serve as an advisory council to the CEO and organization to: 

  • Incorporate the perspective of people impacted by Parkinson’s into all we do
  • Provide insight and expertise into key program and strategy decisions of the organization
  • Champion the vision, mission, and initiatives of Parkinson Canada, and
  • Be the driver of Parkinson engagement across Parkinson Canada.

Todd MacPherson, VP Community Engagement, will work with the Council directly. He shares, “I’m looking forward to working together with people with Parkinson’s on ways to address the needs of patients and families affected by Parkinson’s.”

Parkinson Canada is determined to impact more people throughout their journey with Parkinson’s by providing a range of programs that meet the unique needs of people living with Parkinson’s. “People with Parkinson’s face different challenges depending on many factors, including where they live in the country and the stage of their progression. That’s why we need diverse voices to form the Council, so that Parkinson Canada is reflecting the differences of the communities and individuals it serves,” Todd shares.

By serving on the Parkinson Advisory Council you will contribute to meaningful and lasting change for people affected by Parkinson’s. To learn more about the Council or to apply to become a member, please visit Parkinson.ca.

3 thoughts on “Raising Your Voice: Introducing the Parkinson Advisory Council”

  1. So glad this is being done.
    I am getting calls all the time asking about resources that I have found helpful.
    This has happened to me so often I have made a list of resources.
    It starts with Exercise and Don’t Stop Any Thing!
    The first thing after being diagnosed is google.
    There needs to be more good information for the recently diagnosed. Their first reaction too often is to give up.


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