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Researching the Connection Between Music and Movement

Dr. Jessica Grahn

With both Music Therapy Awareness month and Brain Awareness Week taking place in March, we explore the conjunction between music, Parkinson’s and the brain through research on the effects of music on movement, specifically the symptoms experienced by people living with Parkinson’s.  Dr. Jessica Grahn is a cognitive neuroscientist, an associate professor in the Brain … Read more

Get Vocal and Get Moving: The Individual and Communal Benefits of Music

Get Vocal and Get Moving

Music is a powerful and uplifting force that offers physical and emotional benefits. This month, we’re celebrating the incredible music therapists and movement educators who enrich the lives of people living with Parkinson’s through music.  How Singing Helps with Parkinson’s Communication impairment in voice and speech changes affects most people living with Parkinson’s eventually. The … Read more

Ken Squires on Reaching Out and Living Well with Parkinson’s

Ken Squires

As a business leader in the manufacturing sector, Ken Squires was used to doing his own problem solving. “Figuring things out on my own and providing solutions for others,” was Ken’s management style throughout his successful career. The active retiree, who still has a knack for establishing relationships with people, went to see a neurologist … Read more

The Parkinson Canada Webinars of 2021

Parkinson Canada provides information and support to people affected by Parkinson’s. As part of this offering, Parkinson Canada hosts free educational webinars every month for our community members. We want to ensure that, despite the virtual context of our programming, our constituents have the opportunity to connect with us online and to attend insightful presentations … Read more