Parkinson Canada Hosted the Care Partner Summit

A person’s life story changes after a diagnosis of Parkinson’s. There begins a chapter of collaboration in care. Whether you are caring with or for a person living with Parkinson’s, it is certain to involve you more and more over time and increase your understanding of the experience of another person. Caregiving is a part … Read more

Caring for the whole person

The Movement Disorders Clinic at Toronto’s University Health Network is among the top clinics in the world for treating Parkinson’s disease. During her fellowship there, Dr. Sarah Lidstone will study ways to improve treatment for people living with Parkinson’s, including studying innovative models of care in Europe and the UK. Funded by Pedaling for Parkinson’s in … Read more

Sleep pattern points the way to Parkinson’s

Individuals with a particular sleep disorder are much more likely to develop Parkinson’s disease, a connection that has provided a unique research opportunity for Dr. Ziv Gan-Or, an assistant professor at McGill University and a researcher in the Montreal Neurological Institute and Hospital. Funded in partnership with Pedaling for Parkinson’s in Honour of Dr. John Newall, … Read more

Care Partnering—A Love Story

John and Margot Milford Sound, South Island, New Zealand “I wish you could meet my wife, Margot. We’ve been married for 34 years and—I know I’m biased—she’s the most wonderful woman I’ve ever met.” John Parkhurst knows all too well what it means to be a care partner. His wife, Margot Bartlett, has lived with … Read more

What’s Happening in 2019?

14 June Download your copy of the Parkinson Canada 2018 Annual Report and read the report from Judi Richardson, former Chair, Parkinson Canada Board of Directors, on how we are setting a course to better serve our communities today and to build awareness and resources for tomorrow. 16–19 June Attention neurological nurses: We hope you are … Read more

Parkinson Canada Hosts Care Partner Summit

Register Here Parkinson’s is a family disease, one that takes a team of involved and supportive caregivers to help an individual with Parkinson’s thrive. In most cases, however, the bulk of responsibility lies with one main care partner—a spouse, a child, or a friend. For this individual, life is changed forever when their care recipient … Read more

Mini Brains Maximize Insight into Parkinson’s Disease

McGill University postdoctoral researcher Nguyen-Vi Mohamed has developed techniques for transforming human stems cells into neurons and then arranging them in a 3D pattern resembling the midbrain. The resulting “mini brains” have become her model system for exploring the behaviour of a key protein in the development of Parkinson’s disease, which could in turn point … Read more