Parkinson Canada announces funding for 19 research projects for 2016-2018

Parkinson Canada and its partners is proud to support 19 researchers recently named as recipients of its Research Program grant, fellowship and student awards for the next two years. They will advance our knowledge of Parkinson’s, a complex brain disease; share their information with the scientific and Parkinson’s communities; and their work offers hope for … Read more

The pulsating brain and its implications for Parkinson’s disease

Even before people with Parkinson’s disease experience motor symptoms that include stiffness or tremors, they may have problems with their blood pressure and cognitive issues that affect their judgment and reasoning ability. At Toronto’s Sunnybrook Research Institute, Bradley MacIntosh, a neuroimaging scientist, is using imaging technology to try to identify people with these early symptoms … Read more

REM sleep disorder as a precursor to Parkinson’s disease

Every 90 minutes, during periods of sleep marked by rapid eye movements (REM), most people lie paralyzed, breathing and dreaming. As we age, though, some of us lose that paralysis during REM sleep and begin to act out our dreams – sometimes violently. At the Université de Montréal, Dr. Jacques Montplaisir, a psychiatrist and neurobiologist, … Read more

Critical connections among brain cells

Making connections is not only important for people’s emotional well-being – it is also critical for healthy brains. As researchers are now discovering, the synapses, or the connections that convey signals and information from one neuron to another, may hold clues about what causes Parkinson’s disease. At the University of Montreal, molecular biologist Charles Ducrot … Read more