It’s always the season to care

Hope and optimism are two important characteristics shared by many people with Parkinson’s. Whether you have recently been diagnosed, or you are in your second or third decade of caring for a person with this life-changing disease, we hope you know that you can depend on our support. And we’re able to provide that support … Read more

Chelsie Kadgien is tracking the transportation gene

Discovering the function of specific genes is a critical step in the search for the cause of Parkinson’s disease.  At the University of British Columbia, neuroscientist Chelsie Kadgien focuses on a particular gene called VPS35 that, when mutated, causes late-onset Parkinson’s. Using a thin layer of brain cells grown on a glass culture, Kadgien, a … Read more

An interview with Jon Palfreman

Jon Palfreman, author of Brain Storms, My Fight Against Parkinson’s and the Race to Unlock the Secrets of One of the Brain’s Most Mysterious Diseases The following is an edited and condensed version of our telephone interview with Jon Palfreman on November 11, 2015. ePP: First, thank you for writing such an informative and readable … Read more

This holiday season, we can triple your support for Parkinson’s

This December, your gift to Parkinson Society Canada will be tripled by an anonymous donor, up to $50,000! Your donation will ensure that together we can continue to fund essential research, education for healthcare professionals, and support and advocacy initiatives for people with Parkinson’s disease. As you know, Parkinson’s is a brain disease that gets … Read more

Our pledge to you and yours

At Parkinson Society Canada we put people with Parkinson’s first. Always. We do this, in large part, through our steadfast commitment to ethical and transparent fundraising practice. We’ve worked hard to gain your trust and your investment in our movement to end Parkinson’s disease and improve life for those living with the disease. We recognize … Read more