April is Parkinson Awareness Month

This April, we are heading into communities near you, to raise awareness and share information about living well with Parkinson’s disease.  We invite people living with Parkinson’s, care partners, and health care professionals to join us in spreading the word. 4-6 April 2018 – Vancouver, BC Parkinson Canada joins The Parkinson’s Foundation and the Movement … Read more

Coping with Parkinson’s

….A care partner feels powerless to help her spouse when he makes no effort to try treatments other than medication, like exercising or joining a support group, to help them both live better with Parkinson’s. …A person living with Parkinson’s is mortified when someone in their local community thinks they are intoxicated when they encounter … Read more

Recruiting the brain’s underdogs

About half of the human brain is made up of cells, known as astrocytes, which researchers used to think were like the scaffolding that holds the more important neurons together. But Natalina Salmaso knows better. She calls astrocytes the underdogs of the brain: a dynamic class of cells that are just as busy as neurons, … Read more