The caregiver’s daughter

By Jean Morris On her 62nd birthday my mother Helen Morris learned that my father had irreversible bowel cancer and that he may have a year to live. It was during the remaining 50 weeks of my father’s life that we began to notice the deterioration in my mother’s health. My mom had grown up … Read more

Diagnosing rare forms of Parkinson’s disease

For most people with a classic form of Parkinson’s disease, medication helps control their symptoms.  At least two other progressive brain disorders have similar symptoms, though, and the same medication isn’t as effective – but researchers can’t yet distinguish between the diseases. At the University of Toronto and the Centre for Mental Health and Addiction, … Read more

Do something grand this Grandparents’ Day

September 11, 2016 is National Grandparents’ Day and Parkinson Canada is inviting families to honour their grandparents by signing up today for Parkinson SuperWalk, taking place in communities across Canada on September 10 and 11. “You and your family can become everyday heroes inspiring hope for those living with Parkinson’s,” says Jon Collins, Associate Director, … Read more