Daughters biking to make a difference

Leah Paukstaitis and Claire Dreidger

Leah Paukstaitis and Claire Dreidger have a lot in common. They’ve been friends for many years, are both first year college students, and enjoy an active lifestyle. In 2018, after years of enjoying each other’s company, they found new common ground. Leah’s father was diagnosed with Parkinson’s that year, while Claire’s father has been living … Read more

“Thanks to deep brain stimulation, I got my husband back.”

Sadia Bacchus (right) and her husband Manzil (left)

Sadia Bacchus and her husband Manzil have been married for 43 years, meeting shortly after his migration from Guyana to Canada. On that 43-year journey, they have raised a growing family together and have celebrated many joys while overcoming challenges. Adjusting to Manzil’s 2008 diagnosis of Parkinson’s was one such challenge. This past fall, preparing … Read more

June news and events

Register for our June 28 webinar: Small Steps for BIG Impact We will highlight some inspirational journeys from the Parkinson community, who will share how they are taking small steps in their own lives to keep connected and stay well. We will also hear from Kelly Williams, Clinical Resource Nurse with the Movement Disorder Clinic … Read more