Unicorns and Heroes – Spotlight on Jackie Landry

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In her small community of 200 outside of Yarmouth, Jackie is affectionately called the “unicorn.” Her endurance and optimism while battling a rare combination of diseases, including Parkinson’s, continue to baffle her medical team. As early as six years old, she recalls her fingers going numb and toes curling under. Then the choking began. Today … Read more

Daddy’s Boy—the story of a son’s journey

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In his play, Daddy’s Boy, (performed at the 2018 Edmonton and Winnipeg Fringe Theatre Festivals), Erik de Waal offers a deeply personal, honest, truly loving, and at times, funny perspective on his relationship with his father (Frikkie). The story centers around the impact of Parkinson’s disease on their relationship. The play reflects on the challenges … Read more

Connecting Transplanted Brain Cells

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Finding the right path: PlexinC1-negative dopaminergic neurons for personalized cell replacement therapy of Parkinson’s disease At Laval University, Master’s student Caroline Lafrechoux is investigating how to guide the axons, or the connectors, between transplanted cells in the area of the brain where dopamine-producing cells are dying. If she can find a way to guide the … Read more

Bringing networks back online

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Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation for cognitive enhancement in Parkinson’s Disease: Evaluation of clinical effect and functional brain changes The brain’s ability to rewire itself by forming new connections among neurons—a concept called neuroplasticity—is one of the most exciting, hopeful developments to emerge from brain research in the past three decades. With a two-year $30,000 Parkinson Canada … Read more

Events, Webinars, Reports, and more

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Here’s a snapshot of where to find current happenings and publications. About Parkinson Canada SuperWalk Help us celebrate the everyday heroes who inspire extraordinary hope. Parkinson SuperWalk is the largest nationwide fundraising event for Parkinson Canada. Approximately 10,000 people from coast-to-coast organize and take part in Parkinson SuperWalk. Webinars 2018 Webinars—next one is on September … Read more