It Takes a Village

Linda Redford, a communication and change management expert met her husband Don, then a journalist, over 21 years ago. Shortly after they married, Don was diagnosed with Parkinson’s.  He was terrified of what he did not know about the disease and how the future he had just begun with his new wife would unfold. Their … Read more

Just Imagine the Impact

Just Imagine the Impact Your Legacy Giving can have on Future Generations Gifts in Wills are vital to serving people living with Parkinson’s disease, their families, and the healthcare professionals who treat them. They ensure expanded and sustained funding for innovative research, education and support programs. Whatever the size of your legacy gift, it will … Read more

Using electrical energy to unfreeze gait

Some people with Parkinson’s disease experience freezing of gait every day. Unfortunately, medication that reduces motor symptoms of this disease doesn’t usually help with freezing. At McGill University, PhD student Alexandra Potvin-Desrochers is investigating the connectivity between the regions of the brain involved in freezing. Her aim is to determine whether combining rTMS—repetitive Transcranial Magnetic … Read more

Offering the Best Possible Care

  As a clinical fellow at the Toronto Western Hospital Movement Disorders Clinic, Dr. Emily Swinkin will learn more about how to use techniques like deep brain stimulation and an intestinal gel called Duodopa to better treat people with complicated cases or those in the later stages of Parkinson’s disease. She looks forward to building … Read more

Stay Connected

Upcoming Events & Online Archives Young Onset Parkinson’s Disease – panel discussion & live webinar WEBINAR – May 26th at 12pm ETYoung Onset Parkinson’s:A conversation on our unique needs  Parkinson’s disease is generally thought of as a disease of older people occurring most frequently in people over the age of 60. Although for 20% of people … Read more