Water workouts: Freedom to move

By Patti Bishop, B.Sc. When you think of strength training, you likely think of the gym and activities such as lifting dumb bells or using rubber tubing and cables. However, there’s another place where people with Parkinson’s can have fun, find freedom and work on fitness goals – the water! Water is a fantastic medium … Read more

Does playing video games benefit people with Parkinson’s?

Beth Holloway held a Wii bowling tournament in her St. John’s, Newfoundland home, recently, with six friends who, like Beth, have Parkinson’s disease. She also performs a tightrope walk, regularly, using her Wii Fit balance board. She says, “I can’t say these video games help my balance because I just don’t know. But I like … Read more


By Yvon Trepanier, Chair, National Advocacy Committee Effective advocacy – a balancing act Effective advocacy is a balancing act involving many people and three key activities: lobbying, use of media, and grass-roots action. Each appeals to different audiences and requires careful thought and planning to ensure coordinated effort and maximum impact. Lobbying is activity aimed … Read more

First Person

Staying engaged By Marc Bellefeuille As 2006 was drawing to a close, I noticed that something was not right, especially when I was running. I have always tried to keep in shape with a core set of activities – running, hockey, cross-country skiing and cycling. In fact, sports are an important part of my socializing … Read more

Ask the expert

Balance and mobility in Parkinson’s Neera Garga, B.Sc., P.T. Consultant Physiotherapist, Parkinson’s  Society of Southern Alberta Why does balance become more of a problem with age? As we get older, we stop exploring our environments the way we did as kids. For instance, we don’t do headstands or ride on swings. But those are activities … Read more

Exercise resources

• Exercises for people with Parkinson’s • MOVE IT! An Exercise and Mobility Guide for Parkinson’s Disease (book and DVD)

Taking a trip

Careful planning can make travel away from home easier. Try the following suggestions to minimize problems and enhance the quality of your time away. • Never leave the house without a day’s supply of medication • Keep a few extra tablets in a labeled container in the glove compartment of the car. • Use a … Read more

New in Parkinson’s research

• Combination of genetic and environmental ‘hits’ required for Parkinson’s disease • Parkinson’s: Neurons destroyed by three simultaneous strikes • New research shows biking reduces tremors in Parkinson’s patients TEXT | VIDEO • A hand in recovery • Man-made polymer promises Parkinson’s palliative • Nintendo Wii May Enhance Parkinson’s Treatment