How to “Fundraise Your Way”

Six-year-old Theo Enns can’t wait to host his own “Little Chips for Parkinson’s” event when 12 of his young friends will fundraise and play a round of mini-golf at the Golf Dome in Winnipeg this September, in honour of his grandfathers  Jim Peters and Rudy Enns, who both live with Parkinson’s. His mother Rebecca Enns … Read more

Helping cells cope with stress

Proteins are essential to keeping our bodies’ billions of cells alive and healthy. In order for various proteins to go about their business, they must be folded into specific shapes to interact with other biochemical agents. When that folding fails to occur, or proteins fold themselves into the wrong shapes, trouble arises. Jungwoo Yang studies … Read more

Share your creativity through Parkinson Canada

The Hope on Display Calendar is a wonderful opportunity to showcase your creativity through artistic expression. Parkinson Canada invites individuals living with Parkinson’s to submit their artwork for consideration for our Hope on Display Calendar, inspiring hope for others. If you are a visual artist of any kind (painter, photographer, jewelry maker, quilter, woodworker, sculptor, … Read more