Announcing your Parkinson Advisory Council Chair: Larry Linton

Photo of Larry Linton, who assumes the role of Parkinson Advisory Council Chair on March 2021

Larry Linton was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 2012. Like many, he explains the process to receiving that diagnosis as a long one. With uncertainty about symptoms, confusion at points of referral, and a long waiting period for appointments all leading to the final 30-minute matter of fact appointment at which he learned he had Parkinson’s. … Read more

Data-sharing may help advance personalized medicine therapies for Parkinson’s

Photo of Dr. Davide Martino, who leads the Calgary Parkinson Research Initiative (CaPRI) and is seeking patient involvement

For Dr. Davide Martino, who leads the Calgary Parkinson Research Initiative (CaPRI), patient involvement in research is vital. “They can be advocates and advisors to researchers.” The data patients provide can also give researchers information about how Parkinson’s develops and progresses—valuable insights that can lead to tangible improvements in treatment and care. CaPRI has already … Read more

March Events and Updates: Parkinson Canada hosting international research forum, upcoming webinars and more

Research, Clinical and Other Emerging Trends in Parkinson’s Meeting On March 26 and 27 Parkinson Canada is hosting a virtual meeting with leading Canadian researchers, clinicians and patients to discuss the state of Parkinson’s research in Canada, and the Parkinson Canada Research Program’s role in the international research landscape. The purpose of this meeting is to engage a diverse group … Read more