The value of basic research: Discovering links to Parkinson’s

The beauty of basic research is that sometimes, when you’re not looking for it, you make a discovery that answers a critical question in an entirely new or different field. That’s what happened to Geoffrey Hesketh. Hesketh, a cell biologist, was investigating how proteins move around in cells to arrive at their surface in the … Read more

Preventing brain cells from running out of fuel

Most of our body’s cells contain mitochondria, small components crucial to ensuring that a cell obtains adenosine triphosphate (ATP), a molecule that provides essential chemical energy for biological functions. When mitochondria are damaged, a cell must remove them before they contaminate it, which can lead to cell death. “It’s really important to get rid of … Read more

Making connections closer to home

Are you a caregiver and need someone to listen to you for a few minutes or connect you with respite care services? Would you welcome the chance to meet with others like you living with Parkinson’s? Are you looking for a Parkinson’s exercise class in your community? Whether it’s helping you to navigate what you … Read more

Annual Saskatchewan fundraiser surpasses half-a-million dollar mark

Congratulations to the more than 6,000 participants, volunteers, sponsors and community members in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, who have come together during the past eight years to be part of the annual Lows in Motion fundraiser.  The community event raises funds to improve the lives of people living with Parkinson’s in Saskatchewan. Including the 2016 event held … Read more