Parkinson’s Through the COVID-19 Pandemic: Roberta Wilson-Garrett

“It was the best thing I ever did” is how Roberta describes attending a Parkinson Canada workshop shortly after she was diagnosed with Parkinson’s. Like it is for many, Roberta’s journey to a diagnosis was not straightforward. Multiple trips to her GP, two different neurologists, waiting many months between appointments and a misdiagnosis, before she … Read more

Dedicated to Making Lives Better: Carol Brown’s Story

Carol Brown dedicated her adult life to helping improve the lives of others, especially children. Soon after her second child was born, she started taking Early Childhood Education courses at a local college. In 1991, eight years after starting her first course and all the while raising her young family, Carol completed her Early Childhood … Read more

November News and Events

Your Voice: CEO Listening Tour Report Shared In April 2020, Parkinson Canada welcomed new President and CEO, Dr. Karen Lee, just weeks after the global outbreak of COVID-19. Throughout the summer Karen embarked on an 8-session virtual listening tour with participants from across Canada. Participants shared their resilience, passion, and determination for the Parkinson’s community … Read more

Stories of Remembrance from the Parkinson’s Community

Every day those living with Parkinson’s fight for better living, for a cure. Today on Remembrance Day, we honour the people that served our country and are still serving to preserve our freedom. Freedom to pursue a better life, pursue love and happiness, and the freedom to reach for your greatest potential. We asked members … Read more