Message from the Editor

We all know that living with Parkinson’s isn’t easy. With the right information people with Parkinson’s can empower themselves to make informed treatment choices for their own care. That’s what the June issue of e-Parkinson Post is all about; empowerment for individuals in the Parkinson’s community. In this issue we talk about the Canadian Clinical … Read more

McGill Parkinson’s Researchers Make Landmark Discovery

Leading researchers at McGill University, funded in part by Parkinson Society Canada (PSC)’s National Research Program, have made a breakthrough that could lead to new drugs which may slow the progression of Parkinson’s disease. Dr. Edward A. Fon at the Montreal Neurological Institute and Hospital -The Neuro, and Dr. Kalle Gehring in the Department of Biochemistry … Read more

The 10th Donald Calne Lectureship – Save The Date

Parkinson Society Canada announces Dr. Virginia M.-Y. Lee, Professor at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine is this year’s recipient of the Donald Calne Lectureship. Dr. Lee is internationally recognized for her work on the etiology and pathogenesis of alpha-synuclein, tau, TDP-43, and other misfolded disease proteins in the pathobiology of neurodegenerative diseases, including … Read more

Parkinson’s Buddies Program – Making Global Connections

When you have Parkinson’s, navigating new relationships and social situations can be difficult. Between the debilitating and sometimes embarrassing symptoms, such as issues with speech and cognitive dysfunction, and the constant need for medications finding common ground with a new friend can be illusive. That’s why organizers of the World Parkinson Congress (WPC) 2013 launched … Read more

Multi-language Program Appeals to WPC International Audience

The third World Parkinson Congress takes place in Montreal, Canada for the first time ever from October 1 – 4. Presentations from scientists and researchers on Parkinson’s disease will touch on everything from recent lab discoveries to workshops on quality of life and comfort, with some being offered in French and English. Parkinson Society Canada … Read more

Canadian Guidelines on Parkinson’s Disease – Celebrating the First Year!

When Parkinson Society Canada (PSC) set out to create the Canadian Guidelines on Parkinson’s Disease with the help of Canadian experts, the goal was to give health care professionals from across the country a set of standards to diagnose and treat cases of Parkinson’s with consistency. PSC also wanted to empower people with Parkinson’s by … Read more

The Parkinson Tourist

By Roger Buxton We all know that James Parkinson, the English apothecary and surgeon, published An Essay on the Shaking Palsy in 1817 in which he identified the characteristics ofparalysis agitans. So where in the world is the recognition for this man, some permanent tribute that we can visit for his accomplishments which were not … Read more