Message from the Editor

This April, we are celebrating families who face Parkinson’s together. In this issue, read about the Kiefer family in Saskatchewan, the Lee family in Newfoundland and Labrador, and the Long and Rachlis families in Ontario. They all share a common focus – the importance of playing an active role in managing Parkinson’s together as a … Read more

Fighting Parkinson’s as a Family: The Kiefers

When John Kiefer, a heavy duty mechanic from Saskatchewan, was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in 2009 at age 41 he wasn’t caught off guard. John and his wife Wanda had suspected for some time that he had Parkinson’s based on his mobility symptoms. “It was no real surprise,” said John. “I knew there was something … Read more

Have your say today!

Parkinson Society Canada is conducting a patient and caregiver survey to better understand the perceived need and desire for the Parkinson’s drug called NEUPRO®which is delivered in the form of a slow-release epidermal patch. The survey will also probe individual experiences with this treatment for those who have used NEUPRO®. The NEUPRO® patch is a dopamine agonist … Read more

Understanding Parkinson’s in Other Languages

A walk down the major street of most cities in Canada will confirm that our population is made up of a diverse collection of people, and their diversity can be defined by many things including language. Beyond French and English, Canada’s two official languages, there are many people whose first language is neither of these. … Read more

Positivity and Humour Are the Best Medicine

David Lee and his wife Mona reside in Newfoundland and Labrador and are naturally positive people. They’ve stayed that way through thick and thin since David’s Parkinson’s diagnosis in 2007. Although he manages all of his personal care needs Mona and the extended Lee family do what they can to make everyday life more livable … Read more

My Family Lives with Parkinson’s Video Contest now open

Do you want to tell your Parkinson’s story? Do you want an opportunity to give back to the greater Parkinson’s community? And, do you want a chance to win valuable prizes? Then all you have to do is tell us your story on video, in three minutes or less. Parkinson Society Canada is holding a … Read more

Carrying on the caregiver role for Parkinson’s

When Jim Long’s sister Pat was diagnosed with early onset Parkinson’s disease in 1972, he wasn’t overly involved in her care. Pat was only 45 years old at the time and she managed her Parkinson’s symptoms and personal affairs with no assistance. As time went on, however, Jim took on more responsibility to help his … Read more

Building a Better Future is A Family Affair

Being diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease at the ripe young age of 35 was more than difficult for Diana Rachlis, but with the help of her family, she’s living a full life and is truly excited about the future. Diana, who also suffers from Dystonia and Celiac disease, was emotionally drained after her Parkinson’s diagnosis and … Read more