New research shows gut fungi are not associated with Parkinson’s

Photo of Dr. Silke Appel-Cresswell

Since 2014, researchers such as Dr. Silke Appel-Cresswell have been studying the gut as a key area in potentially unravelling the mysteries of what causes Parkinson’s to develop. Although Parkinson’s disease kills brain cells that affect our ability to move and to reason, the trillions of micro-organisms living in our gastrointestinal tracts may be important contributors to the … Read more

Once-a-week jogger turned marathon runner in 30 days raises more than $17,000 for Parkinson’s

Photo of Danielle Groenendijk running with her dog

Starting winter of 2020, Vancouver Island University athlete Danielle Groenendijk set an ambitious goal to run 250km in 30 days – motivated to move by her grandfather’s motor symptoms. Recently, with his symptoms progressing, her grandfather moved into a care facility. With the realities of COVID-19 preventing any in-person visits, Danielle wanted to do something to … Read more

Canadian Open Parkinson Network: Eleanor’s Story

Photo of Dr. Eleanor Johnston

Fifteen years ago, Dr. Eleanor Johnston noticed a sight tremor in her right hand and thought nothing of it. When she asked, her chiropractor said she could not give a diagnosis and suggested that she speak with her GP. Her family doctor politely told her that it seemed likely it was Parkinson’s.  Her husband Wayne … Read more

February News and Events: 2021 Year in Review, Vaccine Update and More

COVID-19 Vaccine and Parkinson’s  There are currently two vaccines approved for COVID-19 available in Canada. There is no evidence to suggest that the COVID-19 vaccine is unsafe or ineffective for people with Parkinson’s.  The vaccine is rolling out to priority groups first before being made available to the entire population.  Read more about COVID and Parkinson’s on Motivation and … Read more