I don’t know what to say

Your husband “performs” well when his adult children visit and at testing appointments with his doctor, but you know it’s a different story when it’s just the two of you at home. What can you do to get the help you and he both truly need? What should you do when your parent with dementia … Read more

Repairing the transportation system within our brain cells

Within every brain cell, proteins are constantly moving from one compartment to another. As new proteins are produced, others are degraded or recycled – an internal traffic system designed to keep the neurons healthy and ensure the body functions properly. If one or more proteins within those cells malfunction, however, the whole system can break … Read more

Your Will, your wishes: November is Make A Will Month

Have you ever dropped a pebble into a pond? When the stone hits the surface of the water, you see ripple after ripple spreading out from the point of impact. Did you know that your legacy could be like that? Properly prepared, your Will can create a ripple effect of goodness and generosity to the … Read more