Message from the editor

Welcome to the first issue of e-Parkinson Post for 2013. In this issue, we focus on ways to manage Parkinson’s, particularly using approaches such as lifestyle changes and activities that promote a sense of empowerment. Dr. Susan Fox provides a neurologist’s perspective and shares advice that she typically offers her patients. Alice Templin describes successful … Read more

Resources for Living Well with Parkinson’s

While doctors and caregivers do play an integral role in the treatment and management of Parkinson’s disease the most important member of any care team is the person diagnosed with Parkinson’s. Parkinson Society Canada has a variety of resources to help you stay informed to make individual choices.  We know that controlling symptoms, managing medications … Read more

It’s your move: Self-managing Parkinson’s

When Alice Templin’s voice became weaker and slightly raspy due to Parkinson’s, two options sprang to her mind. “I could go for speech therapy or perhaps join a choir.” Alice chose the choir, after discussing it with her neurologist. “We thought, why not try the choir first. It would be fun. It’s a non-medical approach. … Read more

World Parkinson Congress 2013 Update

World Parkinson Congress ( is being held in Montreal, Canada. from October 1st to 4th. Researchers, medical professionals and people with Parkinson’s from all across the globe will be attending to share ideas, experiences and to exchange advancements in treatment and care management. Visit  the WPC website for details about all WPC 2013 activities. Attending … Read more

Ask the expert: Self-management in Parkinson’s

Parkinson Society Canada recently spoke with Dr. Susan Fox, a neurologist, and asked her a series of questions on self-management of Parkinson’s disease. Dr. Fox shares her expertise, below, and gives some tips for people with Parkinson’s looking to self-manage their condition. How would you define self-management in Parkinson’s? I think it is the concept … Read more

Meet the World Parkinson Congress 2013 Ambassadors: Yvon Trepanier

Yvon Trépanier is a retired schoolteacher specializing in French, Spanish and Japanese languages. He was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 2002, at the age of 47 and is one of the three Canadian Ambassadors out of a total group of 12 attending World Parkinson Congress 2013. Why did you agree to become a WPC 2013 Ambassador? … Read more