Silencing defective genes: a possible treatment strategy

In the last 15 years, researchers have made significant advances in identifying several genetic causes of familial Parkinson’s disease. Genes are the blueprint for proteins, the biological machines that make our cells work. By understanding the function of the proteins that these genes make, and learning what goes wrong when mutations are present, investigators are … Read more

New treatment gives Nick Kaethler back his life and the will to live

When Nick Kaethler was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease 18 years ago, he had just retired from his career as a music teacher. “We decided this was not going to change our retirement plans and we would continue to do the things we really wanted to do,” says Nick’s wife June. They took to the road … Read more

Rowing against the current of Parkinson’s disease

David Blakey on the waterPhoto credit: Lee Narraway By David H. Blakey, D. Phil. There I was, 63 years old, sitting in my 1997 Hudson single behind the start line for the 2015 Head of the Madawaska regatta in eastern Ontario. Cold rain was teeming down as we waited to be called to the start. … Read more