Managing Advanced Symptoms

As Parkinson’s progresses, some symptoms increase in intensity, others may appear for the first time. In this feature, we ask clinicians and researchers to comment on a few of these. Swallowing Dr. David H. McFarland Professor, School of Speech Therapy and Audiology University of Montreal Speech-language pathologist Montreal, Quebec Angela South Speech-Language Pathologist, NPF Centre … Read more

Caring for a loved one as Parkinson’s advances

First Person – Carmel Boosamra Carmel Boosamra thought she had read everything she needed to know to assist her husband Frank on his journey with Parkinson’s but she didn’t know the half of it. “I hadn’t even scratched the surface,” she says, recalling some of the challenges. Economic impact. Frank had to sell his business. … Read more

Advocating for better financial security and caregiver support

Recognizing that loss of income and the added costs of living with Parkinson’s can severely compromise the financial stability and security of individuals and families, Parkinson Society Canada is advocating for action from the government of Canada to ensure that people don’t face the added pressure and worry of financial instability. On behalf of Canadians … Read more

World Parkinson Congress 2010, UK

In September, Parkinson Society Canada attended the 2nd World Parkinson Congress in Glasgow, Scotland. Canadian presenters included: Dr. Harry Robertson from Dalhousie University on olfactory testing; Dr. Oksana Suchowersky from Calgary on ethical issues in genetic testing; Dr. Michael Schlossmacher from Ottawa on alpha-synuclein; Shannon MacDonald on the development of Neurological Health Charities of Canada … Read more

Life after deep brain stimulation

The choice of whether or not to have DBS is a very personal decision. Two members of a DBS Support Group facilitated by the Movement Disorders Clinic at Deer Lodge Centre, Winnipeg share their experiences: Don Dietrich I had DBS surgery six years ago. My old pal Parkinson’s was taking over my life. I had … Read more

Three things I learned at the World Parkinson Congress, Scotland, 2010

Barbara Snelgrove Director, Education and Support Services Parkinson Society Canada The first thing I learned by attending the World Parkinson Congress, is that Parkinson Society Canada is on the right track and in some areas, leading the way. Our culture is inclusive of people living with Parkinson’s, and that also includes the care partner. Many … Read more

National Research Program – New awards

As of July 1, 2010, Parkinson Society Canada is proudly supporting 24 new grants, fellowships and student awards: 9 Pilot Project Grants* 4 New Investigator Awards* 3 Basic Research Fellowships 2 Clinical Movement Disorders Fellowships 5 Graduate Student Awards 1 Psychosocial Doctoral Award In addition, Parkinson Society Canada funds 2 Care Practice in Cognitive Impairment … Read more

Your research dollars at work

Here are some of the exciting research projects we are currently funding: Dr. Julianna Tomlinson/Dr. Michael Schlossmacher University of Ottawa/Ottawa Health Research Institute Pilot Project Grant $45,000 • At the University of Ottawa, researchers Dr. Julianna Tomlinson and Dr. Michael Schlossmacher are screening existing drugs to see if they lower the amount of a protein … Read more