A Mother’s Reflections: Pregnancy and Young Onset Parkinson’s

Caitlin Nagy was pregnant while managing young onset Parkinson's

Earlier this month, Mother’s Day was celebrated across the country. On that day, countless women who form part of the Parkinson community as care partners, family or living with Parkinson’s themselves were celebrated for their strength, courage and perseverance. In this article, we acknowledge one woman’s story whose own journey with Parkinson’s and motherhood highlights … Read more

A researcher’s perspective on the future of Parkinson’s research

Dr. Maxime Rousseaux

At the end of March, Parkinson Canada hosted a two-day discussion on the current and future states of Parkinson’s research. The meetings brought together clinicians, researchers, people living with Parkinson’s and other Parkinson’s organizations, with the aim to achieve the following: Identify current and emerging trends in basic and clinical Parkinson’s research Explore strategies to … Read more

Stephen and spencer: managing medications together

A new tool called spencer can help people living with Parkinson's to manage their daily pill intake

Stephen Dubois knew something was wrong years before his neurologist diagnosed him with Parkinson’s. Even though he wasn’t surprised with the diagnosis, it was a frightening period since he didn’t know what to expect. Whether it was the loss of balance, the trembling, or the many other symptoms that come along with this diagnosis; it … Read more

May News and Events: Parkinson Canada SuperWalk website open

Parkinson Canada SuperWalk 2021 has Launched The SuperWalk website is now officially open for Team and Individual registrations! This year’s national walk will take place in your own local community, where you’ll Walk Your Way using the digital and physical “Walk in A Box” tools that were created to make your experience personal, fun and … Read more