Dr. Arvid Carlsson—in memoriam (1923-2018)

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The body functions of man and animals are controlled by electric and chemical signals between the cells in our nervous system. Contacts between cells are called synapses, and special substances, called neurotransmitters, send the signals. Arvid Carlsson discovered a neurotransmitter called dopamine in the brain and described its role in our ability to move. This … Read more

Unhappy neurons

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Within our cells, RNA molecules are one of the essential building blocks of life. They carry the instructions from DNA to create proteins, and proteins direct cell function. At the University of British Columbia, Jordan Follett, a postdoctoral fellow and neuroscientist, is studying the retromer complex, a sorting complex that may communicate where RNA should … Read more

Speaking up for Parkinson’s patients

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Western University doctoral student Anita Abeyesekera is applying her speech-language pathology and speech science background to open up a new approach to the study of hypophonia, the diminishment of the speaking voice that is often a characteristic of Parkinson’s disease. Her work focuses on understanding the experience people have of hearing their voices as being … Read more