Understanding how Parkinson’s spreads through the brain

Abid Oueslati’s fascination with the brain began as part of his initial experiences with scientific research in France. Later, while pursuing post-doctoral studies in Switzerland, he began to tackle Parkinson’s disease as a bio-molecular puzzle whose solution could improve the lives of patients around the world. One molecule in particular captured his imagination: the intricate … Read more

Your gift of stock offers tax benefits and supports research

A donation of publicly traded stock or securities is one of the easiest and most effective ways you can support Parkinson Canada. These types of gifts are a win-win opportunity for donors because they eliminate capital gains taxes and support Parkinson Canada with an influx of capital that can be used to increase funding for … Read more

Find what you need at the new and improved Parkinson.ca website

Whether you are a person living with Parkinson’s looking for details about an upcoming education event in your community, or a caregiver looking for advice to help a family member, or you are newly diagnosed and seeking credible information about the disease and treatments, you’ll want to visit Parkinson Canada’s new website, launched this week. … Read more