Raising Your Voice: Introducing the Parkinson Advisory Council

Raising the voice of people affected by Parkinson’s has always been an important priority of Parkinson Canada. During the CEO Listening Tour held this past summer, it became clear that we needed to establish new ways to engage people affected by Parkinson’s in the work of Parkinson Canada. Specifically, we heard the need to establish a diverse … Read more

This Holiday Season: You Are Not Alone

As news of the pandemic started to become clear early in the year, we knew that the anxiety sweeping the nation was also sweeping across thousands of households affected by Parkinson’s. That’s why the message you’ve heard from Parkinson Canada this year has been a clear and consistent: You Are Not Alone.   As we adjusted to better serve the community, we also asked for your … Read more

A family hero

When Dawn Crandell talks about her dad, Gordon, you can hear the love and admiration in every word. “He was a big, strong, tough but funny man,” she recalls. “Just really fun to be around.” Father of three and beloved husband to Ann, Gordon was a civil engineer who ran his own large-scale construction company. … Read more

Gina’s Story: Participating in the Canadian Open Parkinson Network

Photo of Gina Lupino

It was late 2013 and Gina Lupino, 36 at the time, slept for 3 weeks straight, recovering from pneumonia. Gina suspected that something was not quite right with her health, and stiffness, slowness, and ratcheted articulation in her right started got in the way of playing snare drum in a percussion band.  She would see four neurologists over 18 months, … Read more

December News and Events

Parkinson’s Artists Featured in Holiday Sales There is no shortage of creative talent in our Parkinson community, whether that has been a lifelong pursuit or a creative expression discovered as part of therapy. This month, we’re proud to feature two artists who are participating in holiday sales with their work. It’s not too late to … Read more