Help, I need somebody

You just found out your Dad has Parkinson’s and the whole family is in a panic. Who do you turn to? Your doctor just wrote you a prescription for a new Parkinson’s drug. You can’t remember the side effects to watch out for. Who can fill you in? Or, you just read about a miracle … Read more

Exercise to change the brain

For someone with Parkinson’s disease, the simple desire to grasp a glass of water can become an insurmountable task, made impossible by the tremors in their hand or arm. Finding strategies to improve these movement impairments is one of the major goals of rehabilitating people with Parkinson’s disease. At McGill University, Marc Roig, an assistant … Read more

Do something grand this Grandparents’ Day

On September 10, 2017, Canadians will celebrate National Grandparents’ Day. Parkinson Canada invites families to honour their grandparents by signing up today for Parkinson SuperWalk.  Now in its 27th year, the grand event takes place in communities across Canada on Saturday, September 9 and Sunday, September 10. “You and your family can become everyday heroes … Read more