Everything you want to know about your Parkinson’s medications

Ever wonder why your doctor is prescribing a new medication for you? Or changing the timing or dosage of the one you are taking now? And what about side effects? What should you watch out for and report to your physician? Medications to Treat Parkinson’s Disease, a new professional resource from Parkinson Canada could provide … Read more

A pharmaceutical workhorse leads the way

Among the world’s best-known and most successful drugs is chloroquine, which over the last 70 years has remained an effective treatment for malaria and rheumatoid arthritis.  Now, researchers are investigating chloroquine’s potential to slow the development of Parkinson’s disease. Dr. Jonathan Brotchie has high hopes for chloroquine, which has demonstrated its ability to interact with … Read more

Join us this April in person and online: Live well and learn about PD

In celebration of Parkinson Awareness Month, Parkinson Canada is offering a variety of learning opportunities and unique fundraising and awareness activities online and in communities across the country. Many activities are planned for April, while others take place throughout the year. Mark your calendar and register now for the events you’d like to attend, as … Read more