Survey reveals gaps in health services available for people with Parkinson’s

Impact on caregivers and health professionals increases as disease progresses Parkinson Canada, the definitive voice of the Parkinson community in Canada for over 50 years, recently conducted a survey through Ipsos Public Affairs, to better understand the challenges faced by three stakeholder groups: Individuals diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease Those who personally provide care to someone … Read more

Pedaling for Parkinson’s and Hope

July 13th-15th, 2018 in Parry Sound, ON When the duo started the ride in 2011, Peter and David said the hope was to raise $100,000 and never did they expect to reach a cumulative total of over $1 million. This gave Pedaling for Parkinson’s the distinction of being the first community fundraising event in Canada … Read more

Predicting the risk of Parkinson’s disease

The idea of creating a mathematical model to predict who will develop Parkinson’s disease struck Dr. Michael Schlossmacher as he read Brilliant Blunders, a book about the significance of the mistakes five great scientists made. “The book is about understanding how errors are made, in part by quantifying risks,” says Schlossmacher, a neurologist and professor … Read more

Shortening the path to a successful treatment

For many people with Parkinson’s disease who undergo deep brain stimulation, the treatment can appear nothing short of miraculous. The procedure involves surgically implanting a transmitter within the brain, to allow the application of electrical impulses that reduce or eliminate tremors and restore motor control. Achieving good results, though, calls for a great deal of … Read more