Make 2018 Your Parkinson’s Year

Have you committed to making 2018 the year you learn how to live your best with Parkinson’s? If so, Parkinson Canada has another productive, event-packed year that continues to bring help and hope to those of you living with Parkinson’s across Canada. The newly redesigned Parkinson Canada website at is a tremendous resource for … Read more

Establishing a new link between brain and body

A disease of the brain can become a disease of the entire body, as the breakdown of neural pathways often leads to a loss of muscle mass. Dr. Simon Wing, a professor in McGill University’s Department of Endocrinology and Metabolism, is eager to examine this potential connection as it applies to Parkinson’s disease. He has … Read more

Sniffing out Parkinson’s disease

Losing their sense of smell is an early symptom that most people with Parkinson’s disease experience. That’s why some researchers are targeting the olfactory system, to use it to predict who will develop the disease. Because there are many other reasons besides Parkinson’s that people lose their sense of smell, however, Dr. Johannes Frasnelli is … Read more

The Victory Summit® is coming to Winnipeg, Manitoba

Register online today Parkinson Canada is excited to partner with the Davis Phinney Foundation to bring The Victory Summit® educational event for people living with Parkinson’s to Winnipeg, Canada. Thanks to generous sponsors and local donors, this event is offered at no charge to attendees and includes complimentary lunch. Whether you are living with Parkinson’s, … Read more