Parkinson Canada researchers expand our knowledge

Whether they are established experts, or just beginning their careers, Parkinson’s researchers count on funding from the Parkinson Canada National Research Program to test new theories and to discover a critical piece of the complex puzzle that is Parkinson’s disease. As of September 2019, Parkinson Canada is proud to support 25 new grant, fellowship and student awards. … Read more

Teach the Teacher : Canadian Parkinson disease clinician on a pilgrimage

Having completed her residency as a neurologist in Vancouver, Melissa Mackenzie is spending an additional year as a fellow in the Institute for Neurology at University College London, a pioneering centre in the treatment of Parkinson’s disease. She intends this experience not only to benefit the way she deals with her own patients, but also … Read more

Helping cells help themselves and tackling Parkinson’s disease along the way

McGill University doctoral student Shafqat Rasool is investigating the way PINK1, a gene-related to Parkinson’s disease, is activated. He’s also studying small molecules that could improve the gene’s function. PINK1 tells the body’s cells to remove damaged mitochondria. When this gene fails to do its job, damaged mitochondria accumulate and clump up in neurons, causing their … Read more

Donating Securities to Parkinson Canada—a Tax Efficient Way to Give!

Each year at this time, many Canadians look at all the requests from charities and then decide which ones they want to support before December 31. Since 2006, Canadians have been able to donate securities to registered Canadian charities and receive a tax receipt for the full appreciated value with no capital gains tax. This … Read more

“I have Parkinson’s. It doesn’t have me.”

Jamie Fobert, then 40 years young, sobbed during the entire two-hour drive home from the neurologist appointment to his home in Belleville, Ontario. Over the next few days, he shared his diagnosis with his family and his employers while trying to just get on with his life. Over the next few years, he would redesign … Read more