Message from the Editor

Welcome to the fall edition of e-Parkinson Post. As we get back into the swing of regular routines, Parkinson support groups and educational programs across the country are gearing up for a new season of supporting and informing people with Parkinson’s and family members. We are able to offer these services and programs in part … Read more

Hope and determination drive Parkinson SuperWalk to success

Parkinson Society Canada congratulates and thanks all the many participants who came together  – walkers, volunteers and donors, bringing a spirit of hope to raise funds for Parkinson Society Canada at its annual Parkinson SuperWalk, the largest fundraising event for Canadians living with Parkinson’s. “Parkinson SuperWalk is my way of connecting to people in our … Read more

National research program – 28 new awards

Together with our partners, Parkinson Society Canada is proudly supporting 28 new grant, fellowship and student awards, as of July 1, 2011: 12 Pilot Project grants (3 funded by Parkinson Society Ottawa, Parkinson Society Southwestern Ontario, and Parkinson Society Quebec) 3 New Investigator Awards 2 Basic Research Fellowships 1 Clinical Movement Disorders Fellowship 1 Clinical … Read more

Medication timing critical in Parkinson’s disease

(This article appears in the September 2011 edition of Hospital News) A one-week disruption of his Parkinson’s medication schedule resulted in nearly three months of distress for Lorne Collis after he returned home from a brief hospital stay for a kidney ailment in December 2009. “My tremors were uncontrollable,” says Collis. “My restless legs syndrome … Read more

Real advocacy outcomes for Canadians living with Parkinson’s

By Yvon Trepanier, Chair, National Advocacy Committee In 2010, Parkinson Society Canada began talking to government officials and staff about the need for a national brain strategy with the goal of effecting policy change and investment in seven key areas: access to care caregiver support income security genetic fairness public education and awareness prevention The … Read more

In the news

Living with Parkinson’s I’m raising kids and managing Parkinson’s New insights into Parkinson’s Parkinson’s-causing gene discovered at UBC UBC Scientist appointed to Dr. Donald Rix B.C. Leadership Chair in Genetic Medicine $45M research chair holds hope for Parkinson’s patients Medication Update Settlement of the Permax class action has been reached Making the most of Parkinson’s … Read more