Editor’s message

Welcome to the summer edition of e-ParkinsonPost. Continuing our 2010 theme of the Parkinson’s journey, this issue is devoted to living well with Parkinson’s. We look at how one family copes with the day-to-day realities of sharing the diagnosis, managing symptoms, navigating and nurturing relationships, making tough decisions. Another article addresses whether or not to … Read more

Living with Parkinson’s: the Oulton family

Over the 10 years since Douglas Oulton was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, if there’s one thing his family has learned, it is that Parkinson’s is a family disease. It has reached into nearly every aspect of their lives. When Douglas was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease on Valentine’s day in 2000, he was 44 years old. … Read more

Stories from the Front

In this issue on living day to day with Parkinson’s, we invite you to hear firsthand from Canadians with Parkinson’s. Visit Stories from the Front on Parkinson Society Canada’s website.

Disclosing Parkinson’s to Employers

When working with Parkinson’s, you will likely face the issue of whether or not to disclose your diagnosis. This personal decision depends on your circumstances. If workplace safety is an issue or if you need your employer to change some aspect of your job to enable you to perform your job tasks, you may decide … Read more

Ask the Expert

Genetic Discrimination: Beware Genetic testing is opening a world of knowledge, with over 1500 genetic tests now available and hundreds of genetics and genomic studies underway. The potential for people to learn about their disease susceptibilities, improve their treatment decision-making, avoid exposure to unnecessary interventions, improve health outcomes and make informed life planning decisions is … Read more

Donald Calne Lecture

Location, location, location critical in Parkinson’s disease Dr. Andres Lozano, distinguished neurosurgeon, professor and RR Tasker Chair in Functional Neurosurgery at the University of Toronto addressed over 120 attendees at the Donald Calne Lecture hosted by Parkinson Society Canada and Parkinson Society Ottawa, on Sunday, May 16th in Ottawa at the Fairmont Chateau Laurier. Dr. Lozano, who … Read more

Become an advocate for living well with Parkinson’s

Yvon Trepanier, Chair, National Advocacy Committee Painting a picture of what it means to live well with Parkinson’s is at the heart of everything we do on the national advocacy committee. After all, how else would our elected representatives and policy makers begin to understand the many ways that Parkinson’s affects quality of life – … Read more

Drum circles as fun and therapy

by Philip Thomas Member of the Creston Community Drum Circle in Creston, BC Did you know that alligators can’t be walked on leashes? Within minutes of joining a drum circle, it is a relief to discover that, instead of musical notes, this internal chant is a drumming pattern. Even if you are rhythmically challenged, you … Read more