A brighter future

When Parkinson’s disease comes into a person’s life and their home, it changes everything. We’ve been changing too. The recent union of six Parkinson’s organizations into one Parkinson Canada shows that we are taking the bold steps needed to grow our capacity to reach more people with Parkinson’s, effectively and efficiently. This is more important … Read more

Understanding deep brain stimulation

Deep brain stimulation is a surgical intervention used to treat the tremors, rigidity, stiffness and slow movements that people with Parkinson’s disease experience. Although researchers know the technique works by changing abnormal electrical signals deep in the brain’s basal ganglia, they don’t understand the mechanisms involved. Dr. Reina Isayama is exploring the basal ganglia’s relationship … Read more

Congratulations to our young philanthropist

It was with great pride that Jenna Sigurdson’s parents, Karren and Blair, and her grandfather watched as she received the Outstanding Youth in Philanthropy Award, Under 15, during the 2016 Manitoba Philanthropy Awards luncheon in Winnipeg last month. Red River Cooperative senior staff, her school principal and two representatives of Parkinson Canada’s Manitoba office were … Read more

Making a gift of stocks or securities

A donation of publicly traded stocks, or securities, is a cost-effective way to transform a past investment into immediate and significant support for Parkinson Canada. If you own stocks or mutual funds that have grown in value, you are required to pay tax on 50 per cent of the capital gains. If you donate the … Read more