Message from Joyce Gordon, CEO

What is undeniable about life with Parkinson’s is that change and transition are the norm. And what we have learned is that those who are flexible and adaptable have the best outcomes in managing their disease. That life lesson is relevant to Parkinson Society Canada as we evolve and transform our organization to best serve … Read more

Collaborating for caregiver support

Parkinson Society Canada (PSC), Alzheimer Society Canada and the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada are working together to develop a series of webinars specifically for caregivers supporting people living with any of the three neurological conditions. And who better to advise them of what would be most helpful to these caregivers, than the caregivers themselves. … Read more

Dr. Suneil Kalia: The long quest for a Parkinson’s cure

It was an article about the late Wilder Penfield, a neurosurgery pioneer, that sparked a young Suneil Kalia’s quest to become a neurosurgeon three decades ago. “I was fascinated by the fact that the patient was awake while the doctor was operating on the brain,” says Dr. Kalia. It would take 20 years of post-secondary … Read more

Long-time volunteer Jim Long keeps Hope in Bloom

When Jim Long first agreed to help raise money for the Parkinson’s cause, he found himself at another volunteer’s house helping to arrange masses of tulips into bouquets. Then he and his fellow volunteers headed off to the streets of Toronto to sell these tulips in support of people living with Parkinson’s. Things have certainly … Read more