Parkinson Canada Adapts the Latest Edition of Every Victory Counts® for a Canadian Audience

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Some of you may be familiar with Every Victory Counts®, the manual first published by the Davis Phinney Foundation in . Since then, Every Victory Counts® (EVC) has gained international recognition as the outstanding comprehensive resource devoted to the principle of self-care and a holistic approach to managing Parkinson’s.

The Davis Phinney Foundation was founded by former professional cyclist and Olympic medal winner Davis Phinney, who was diagnosed with Parkinson’s at age 45. Its mission is to provide people living with Parkinson’s the tools, resources, and inspiration to help them live well every day. While much of the information is universal, the data provided in EVC is specific to the United States.

Now, Parkinson Canada is proud to partner with the Davis Phinney Foundation to bring the sixth edition of EVC to Canadians affected by Parkinson’s – at no cost – thanks to the support of our generous donors. Parkinson Canada is in the process of customizing this edition to the Canadian experience.

Emily Knight, the Director of Programs and Services at Parkinson Canada, spoke with Joe van Koeverden, a member of the Parkinson Advisory Council (PAC) and Davis Phinney Foundation ambassador, about the latest edition of EVC, which will be available through Parkinson Canada in early .

Joe Van Koeverden
Joe Van Koeverden, member of the Parkinson Advisory Council and ambassador for the Davis Phinney Foundation, which partnered with Parkinson Canada on the latest edition of Every Victory Counts®.

Emily Knight: What content can we expect from Every Victory Counts®?

Joe: It’s a complete but easy-to-read manual divided into about 15 chapters that cover what you need to know about Parkinson’s, from your diagnosis through to the natural progression of the things you will be challenged with on your journey with the disease. The chapters are planned and written by some 50 recognized Parkinson’s experts from around the world. It contains everything from managing physical and emotional symptoms, to treatments and therapies, nutrition, social connections, and community. There is also information on long-term care and financial planning. There is even a glossary providing definitions for technical and medical terms and where those terms appear in the book. They’ve thought of everything!

Emily Knight: Is this book only for people living with Parkinson’s?

Joe: Although it’s most valuable to people living with Parkinson’s, especially those who may not have access to many other resources, I have also given this book to medical professionals, generalists like my family doctor, who was so impressed by it he asked for more copies. It’s also beneficial for care partners to see the Parkinson’s journey holistically and to learn what to expect.

Emily Knight: How will the Canadian edition differ from the US edition?

Joe: In this edition, we’ll share Canadian-specific statistics, references to medications approved by Health Canada, information on long-term care as well as legal and financial planning for Canadians. EVC also contains the personal stories of people who have been challenged by their disease in different ways – there is always a medical or scientific perspective and a personal perspective. In this Canadian edition, we will share the stories of Canadians living with Parkinson’s. And for the first time ever, we are making a French version available.

Emily Knight: And there is an online component as well – can you describe it?

Joe: Yes, there is now a digital copy of the manual online. In addition, previous versions of EVC had a lot of useful worksheets, checklists, and assessments in the back, such as a survey of how to prepare for your next doctor’s visit or what you should be asking your dentist about oral health. These forms will be shifted online to make them as useful as possible – users can conveniently access and fill them out digitally or print as needed.

Joe’s enthusiasm for EVC is compelling and well-founded. Parkinson Canada is excited to offer this practical guide that will empower you to improve your quality of life as you and your family or care partner continue your Parkinson’s journey.

The latest edition of EVC just launched in the U.S. and is now being adapted for a Canadian audience. You can add your name to the waitlist for your copy of the Canadian edition, which will be available in early .

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