Parkinson Canada researchers expand our knowledge

Whether they are established experts, or just beginning their careers, Parkinson’s researchers count on funding from the Parkinson Canada National Research Program to test new theories and to discover a critical piece of the complex puzzle that is Parkinson’s disease. As of September 2019, Parkinson Canada is proud to support 25 new grant, fellowship and student awards. These represent a total of $1,242,171 to support new research projects in Canada during the next two years.

Currently, there is no cure for Parkinson’s disease.

Parkinson Canada has great expectations for the 25 researchers receiving awards during the next two years. Each of them will advance our knowledge of Parkinson, a complex brain disease, as well as interpret and share their knowledge with other researchers and health professionals. Those receiving clinical fellowships will actually treat individuals living with Parkinson’s. Many of these researchers will continue their connection with Canada’s Parkinson community.

Since 1981, the Parkinson Canada National Research Program has invested more than $30 million in 577 research projects that have expanded our knowledge of Parkinson’s disease. The program invests in:

  • High-quality, innovative Canadian research by established and promising investigators.
  • Discovery-stage research where investigators test new theories and pursue promising new leads.
  • Researchers at the beginning of their careers in order to foster the next generation of Parkinson’s scientists.
  • Novel research to build greater capacity, promote creativity and engage more researchers.
  • Specialist training for clinicians to build capacity in high-quality care for people with Parkinson’s.

New awards for 2019-2021 include:

  • 7 Pilot Project Grants
  • 5 New Investigator Awards
  • 4 Basic Research Fellowships
  • 1 Clinical Movement Disorders Fellowship
  • 8 Graduate Student Awards

Parkinson Canada is committed to research and is a founding partner of the Canadian Open Parkinson Network. C-OPN is a new collaboration designed to foster knowledge sharing and increase the pace of Parkinson’s research. The network will give researchers access to unprecedented data and will support large scale, multidisciplinary projects that would not be possible at a single research site. C-OPN will officially launch in March 2020.   

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