Do something grand this Grandparents’ Day

Cindy and Garry Shyminsky with granddaughter Penelope at Parkinson SuperWalk in 2015.
Cindy and Garry Shyminsky with granddaughter Penelope at Parkinson SuperWalk in 2015.

September 11, 2016 is National Grandparents’ Day and Parkinson Canada is inviting families to honour their grandparents by signing up today for Parkinson SuperWalk, taking place in communities across Canada on September 10 and 11.

“You and your family can become everyday heroes inspiring hope for those living with Parkinson’s,” says Jon Collins, Associate Director, Events & Partnerships, Parkinson Canada. “It’s a fun way for family members of all ages to spend time together in a relaxed setting, while raising funds and awareness for a good cause.”

Grandparents Cindy and Garry Shyminsky agree. They’ve taken part in the Parkinson SuperWalk in Sudbury, Ontario, for 15 years, beginning a few years after Garry was diagnosed with Parkinson’s at age 40. This year Cindy and Garry will be joined by two of their sons along with their families, which includes three grandchildren.  Garry’s mom Carol, as well as good friends Pam and Chris, will again walk with them in Sudbury. The local Parkinson Canada support group hosts the walk.

Last year, their granddaughter Penelope, then 6, really enjoyed becoming their “Everyday Hero,” wearing a cape and mask. “It’s just awesome to have family and friends take part in SuperWalk with us,”  says Cindy. “It’s so important to know we have their love and support on our Parkinson’s journey, and I know it will be even more important as the disease progresses.”

Every hour, of every day, another Canadian hears the words: “You have Parkinson’s disease.” For people newly diagnosed, Parkinson SuperWalk is a great opportunity to meet others living with the disease and their families and to begin to build a support group. It’s a very hopeful event with people living with the disease participating. Funds raised are invested in communities across Canada to provide support services, education and advocacy for people affected by Parkinson’s and for Parkinson’s research into improving treatment and finding a cure.

Garry’s mother Carol is already circulating her pledge form around town. Cindy registers online and sends out the link to her personal page through her social media accounts on Facebook and Twitter. “This makes it easy for family and friends, especially those farther away, to support Parkinson SuperWalk and Parkinson Canada, and at the same time show their support for both Garry and I,” she says.

Your family can join Garry and Cindy and their extended family and become everyday heroes, inspiring hope for Canadians living with Parkinson’s. Make your grandparents proud and register today for a fun, family outing with a special purpose. Contact Parkinson Canada at 1-800-565-3000 for details about SuperWalk locations near you.