Message from the Editor

Marina Joseph
Marina Joseph
We all know that living with Parkinson’s isn’t easy. With the right information people with Parkinson’s can empower themselves to make informed treatment choices for their own care. That’s what the June issue of e-Parkinson Post is all about; empowerment for individuals in the Parkinson’s community.

In this issue we talk about the Canadian Clinical Guidelines on Parkinson’s disease, which educates and informs people with Parkinson’s, allowing them to make informed decisions together with their doctor and other health professionals about treatment options such as medications, exercise and even surgery.

We’ve also got some exciting news from the Canada’s Parkinson’s research community. Researchers at McGill University, led by Dr. Edward A. Fon and Dr. Kalle Gehring, have discovered the three-dimensional structure to the protein Parkin. This new knowledge could help scientists develop better treatments for Parkinson’s and even slow down the progression of the disease.

World Parkinson Congress is rapidly approaching and with less than four months until we gather in Montreal, we’re showcasing some of the seminars and workshops that will be running at WPC in October. Remember, registration is now open to the public and the early bird registration deadline ends July 2, 2013. If you want to attend please visit the WPC registration page online and sign up!

Enjoy these updates and send us your comments. We’d like to hear from you.