Parkinson Canada SuperWalk: Walk Your Way on September 12

Parkinson Canada SuperWalk: Walk Your Way on September 12

Join the movement of more than 80 communities and 10,000 participants for Parkinson Canada SuperWalk, and  ‘Walk Your Way’ in your neighbourhood with your personalized Walk in a Box kit. On September 12 at 11AM ET, attend our online opening ceremony on our Facebook page to kick-off your walk.

Happy Birthday Ralph Richardson, Parkinson Canada SuperWalk National Hero.

Hear from our participants their SuperWalk experience and what drives them.

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This summer, the Parkinson Canada SuperWalk campaign has focused on “SuperWalk: The Movement” a series of monthly exercise activities focused on keeping Canadians, particularly those with Parkinson’s, moving and culminating in a national walk day on September 12.

Hundreds of Canadians with Parkinson’s and other event supporters have taken advantage of the monthly resources to stay active while supporting the walk.

Ralph Richardson of Riverview, NB was already moving when the campaign launched. Five years ago, Ralph was diagnosed with Lewy Body Dementia, and then Parkinson’s Disease just a few years later. Living with Parkinson’s presents daily challenges for Ralph but through it all, he has never lost his determination. Already limited in his activities, when the coronavirus crisis began Ralph’s movement was restricted to home. Even though he couldn’t get out to his usual programs, he was determined to keep on moving – something so important for those dealing with a disease that, among other things, impacts one’s ability to move.

Out of this determination, his driveway walk was born. He set his mind to doing 30 laps and on that first day, he walked his first 8.5. By day 17 he had reached his goal. But he didn’t stop walking. Now Ralph is on a mission to walk 100 days for Parkinson’s, and in doing so, he’s raising money and awareness to support Canadians living with Parkinson’s today, and to help fund research into better treatments and eventually, a cure. He’s now raised more than $25,000.

Ralph’s walk has inspired many. His wife Berys reflects: “even though Parkinson’s robs Ralph of so much he has been determined to turn it into something good. Recently I asked him what he is grateful for and he said, ‘Parkinson’s!’ I questioned him on this answer and he said, ‘Look at all the good this walk is doing!’

She adds, “He still is determined to keep walking, even though every step is an effort to keep going. He’s got more determination and tenacity than anybody I know.’

SuperWalk proudly celebrates this spirit of perseverance, determination and hope. The walk has used the words No Matter What as a rallying cry since 2019 in recognition of the strength of spirit of the Parkinson Community. This year, no one embodies that perseverance more than Ralph Richardson who was named the ‘National Hero’ for the event this year.

To learn more about Ralph’s story, including coverage of his story on CBC Radio – Information Morning, Sportsnet’s Tim and Sid, CTV Atlantic’s Live at Five, and CTV National’s Your Morning, and to register to walk alongside him visit his SuperWalk webpage.

Editor’s Note: Ralph’s Driveway Walk isn’t the only item making news this month. Parkinson Canada was grateful for a donation from a notable name received early in July as well. Every one of our 25,000+ donors to Parkinson Canada SuperWalk is special, but just one of them is a nine-time LPGA Tour winner (all by the age of 22). Parkinson Canada thanks Brooke Henderson for her support of the Lanark North Leeds walk in honour of her great uncle Bob Arnold, and for bringing the heart of a champion to our family of dedicated supporters.

View Brooke’s announcement post on Facebook

Watch Ralph’s Clip on CTV: Your Morning



Join us on July 30 for a free virtual panel discussion on the Canadian Open Parkinson Network

Parkinson Canada and World Parkinson Coalition are pleased to present a live virtual panel discussion with leaders of the Canadian Open Parkinson Network (C-OPN) which brings together Canada’s best in Parkinson’s research and will give researchers a platform to share information and make new connections. The network will give investigators access to unprecedented data and will support large scale, multidisciplinary projects that would not be possible at a single research site. Hear from the leadership at C-OPN, live and online, in a free panel discussion on Thursday, July 30 at 4 PM ET/ 1 PM PT.

REGISTER to join this virtual panel.                                                                             

Dr. A. Jon Stoessl – Immediate past WPC President, WPC Board Member and C-OPN Principal Investigator

Dr. Oury Monchi – C-OPN Principal Investigator and co-Director

Dr. Edward (Ted) Fon – C-OPN Principal Investigator and co-Director

The panel discussion will be moderated by Karen Lee, PhD, President and CEO of Parkinson Canada.

REGISTER TODAY and have your questions answered, live.

Read more about C-OPN

For more information, contact

News and Online Events

Genetic Non-Discrimination Act (GNDA)

In December 2018, the Cour d’ appel du Québec (Québec Court of Appeal) gave its opinion that the Genetic Non-Discrimination Act (GNDA) did not constitute a valid exercise of Parliament’s criminal law power. The Québec opinion did not overturn the GNDA but did put the GNDA at risk. In response to the opinion of the Québec Court of Appeal, Parkinson Canada as part of the Canadian Coalition for Genetic Fairness (CCGF) filed a notice of appeal referring the decision to the Supreme Court of Canada (SCC). That hearing took place on Oct. 10, 2019. 

On July 10, 2020, the SCC announced its decision that the law be upheld!  

The Genetic Non-Discrimination Act (GNDA) prevents employers from requiring employees to undergo genetic testing or disclose genetic testing results and bars insurance companies from requiring customers to undergo testing to receive coverage.The enactment provides individuals with other protections related to genetic testing and test results as well. Our Parkinson Canada Ambassadors were instrumental in advocating with their local Members of Parliament to get the legislation passed in 2017.

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You Are Not Alone – e-Book

COVID-19 has placed a strain on all of us, especially people living with Parkinson’s. People with Parkinson’s are vulnerable because of their underlying condition, which could make their Parkinson’s symptoms worse if they were to get the virus. However, Parkinson’s can also be extremely isolating under normal circumstances, and this year has intensified those feelings for many of us.

Our Parkinson’s community has found a way to come together and connect virtually by sharing personal stories and words of encouragement. So many compelling messages of overwhelming courage and vulnerability have been compiled into an e-book to share with community members, with an important reminder: You Are Not Alone.

Whether you’ve been recently diagnosed, or have been living with Parkinson’s for years, this e-book is for you. If somebody close to you is living with Parkinson’s or if it’s the reason you’ve lost someone in the past, this e-book is for you too.

Because three things are truer today than ever before:

  1. We deeply need human connection right now.
  2. People and families living Parkinson’s are the most resilient, resourceful, determined people in the country.
  3. You are not alone. We’re here for you. You are part of an amazing community.

Visit: to reserve your copy today.





World Brain Day – July 22 – panel discussion

On World Brain Day, the World Federation of Neurology and International Parkinson and Movement Disorder Society will host a joint webinar.

Join us as we move together to end Parkinson’s disease
on July 22, 2020, at 10:00 AM ET


This esteemed panel of speakers will take part in a webinar discussion about the global impact of Parkinson’s Disease:

  • Dr. Susan H. Fox​ — Chair, Medical Advisory Council, Parkinson Canada
  • Prof. William M. Carroll — President of the World Federation of Neurology​
  • Prof. Tissa Wijeratne — Chair of World Brain Day, World Federation of Neurology​
  • Claudia Trenkwalder, MD​ — President of the International Parkinson and Movement Disorder Society​
  • Prof. Wolfgang Grisold​ — Secretary General of the World Federation of Neurology​
  • Associate Professor Victor Fung​ — Co-Chair of the Taskforce on Pediatric Movement Disorders​



When Life Gives You Parkinson’s

Playing a crucial role in the success of the first season, Parkinson Canada is strengthening its commitment to the When Life Gives You Parkinson’s podcasts with Larry Gifford, only 45 years old at the time when he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in August 2017. In sharing his diagnosis publicly, he discovered that, despite how far-reaching the effects of Parkinson’s disease are, there were few resources that took a human-centered approach.   In addition to the advocacy and awareness he does through the podcast, Gifford also sits on The Michael J. Fox Foundation Patient Council and is on the board of the Pacific Parkinson’s Research Institute When Life Gives You Parkinson’s is available on Apple Podcasts, Google PodcastsSpotify or wherever you find your favorite podcasts. Listen now.


Parkinson Canada Presents Online Exercise and Wellness

July 29, 2020, 3pm EDT
Mindfulness & Parkinson’s: How to Use it to Manage Pain & Emotions

Presented by Gabrielle Pagé, a clinical psychologist and researcher with expertise in pain management. She explains the impact mindfulness can have on one’s brain and overall well-being. She also provides practical tips on how to integrate mindfulness in your everyday life to manage pain, stress and emotions.

Watch Live on Facebook

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Watch Anytime:
Simple Techniques for Relief from Stress, Fear & Anxiety

Nicole Mahabir, the founder and director of JAI Wellness, a platform for health education, mindful living and wellbeing. In this webinar, she will discuss holistic practices and wellness routines that you can incorporate throughout your day to help with resilience and good rest. Discover mindful breath practices, meditation, cognitive behavioural therapies, relaxation techniques and sleep routines.

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Live and Recorded Exercise Classes Continue this Month

Staying active is key to managing both motor and non-motor symptoms of Parkinson’s. Parkinson Canada’s Lance Letain is a certified instructor for the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology. This month, he’ll offer live classes on Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays at 2:30 p.m. EDT, on the Parkinson Canada SuperWalk Facebook page as part of SuperWalk: The Movement throughout the month. You can also revisit any of Lance’s past classes, as well as playlist of PWR! Moves and Dance classes on the Parkinson Canada YouTube page.

If you’re taking part, consider registering your activity with The Movement for your chance to win monthly prizes and to inspire others to stay moving this summer.

Join Lance Live Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays at 2:30 p.m. EDT on Facebook

Get Active with Lance, Dance Classes or PWR! Moves on YouTube Anytime