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Young Onset Parkinson’s Disease – panel discussion & live webinar

WEBINAR – May 26th at 12pm ET
Young Onset Parkinson’s:
A conversation on our unique needs 

Parkinson’s disease is generally thought of as a disease of older people occurring most frequently in people over the age of 60. Although for 20% of people with Parkinson’s this diagnosis is received before the age of 50, and for 5-10% it was received before the age of 40. Young Onset Parkinson’s Disease (YOPD) has many unique needs and challenges, particularly concerning family and employment. In this live broadcast we will discuss the experience of living with YOPD with special guests: Dr. Sonia Mathur, Tim Hague, and Omotola Thomas.  Questions can be submitted in advance upon registering – 

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Mark Your Calendars as we prepare to host our annual events later this year

Parkinson Canada SuperWalk – September 12 & 13 2020 at 80+ locations across Canada

Pedaling for Parkinson / Rigid Riders – Prince Edward County, ON – August 28 – 30 2020

Annapolis Valley, NS – October 3 2020


We hope you’re keeping well and that you had a chance to enjoy some online webinars, dance, meditation and exercise classes.  Thank you so much for supporting Parkinson Canada. It’s your donations that make these sessions possible for everyone to enjoy.

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Mindfulness & Parkinson’s: How to Use it to Manage Pain & Emotions

Therapeutic strategies for pain management are increasingly turning to new approaches, such as the practice of mindfulness, which is now of interest to patients, clinicians and researchers. Gabrielle Pagé, is a clinical psychologist and researcher with expertise in pain management. She will explain the impact mindfulness can have on one’s brain and overall well-being. She will also provide practical tips on how to integrate mindfulness in your everyday life to manage pain, stress and emotions.

DWP Documentary & CHAT

Dancing with Parkinson’s is thrilled to announce Bridging Generations Through Dance, a documentary film nominated for Best Short Film award with Hollywood Verge Film Festival. Important themes of isolation and loneliness are explored and represented through dance and music. Following the screening, chat with Sarah Robichaud, Founder of Dancing with Parkinson’s and Anisa Tejpar, Choreographer “Bridging Generations Through Dance” and Co-Artistic Director of the dance entertainment firm Hit & Run Dance Productions, as they take your questions.

Stretch, PWR! Moves & CHAT

While staying home safe, it’s important that we continue to exercise and remain active. Join Randy Brotman, a certified PWR! Moves instructor, every Wednesday from April 22nd – May 29th,as she guides us through a Stretch and PWR! Moves program. This program does not require special equipment and people of all abilities can benefit. Participants will learn how to perform BIG MOVEMENTS for better posture, balance, and for improvement with daily functions like walking, turning, rising from a chair.

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