Sinemet: brand/generic cost difference covered by Merck

If you have been prescribed Sinemet or Sinemet CR, please note that on November 7, 2011, Merck Canada Inc., the manufacturer of Sinemet, launched a program that will pay the difference in cost between the generic and brand-name product.

To participate, request a Sinemet Patient Assistance Program card from either your neurologist (who can get a supply of cards for patients) or directly from Merck. Then, present the card to the pharmacist when you are seeking a refill or requesting a new prescription for Sinemet or Sinemet CR. Request “no substitution.”

The pharmacist will fill the prescription with the brand product but bill you the cost of the generic. Merck will pay the pharmacy the difference in cost. You should retain the card and use it as long as your prescription continues.

For more information about the Sinemet Patient Assistance Program, see the letter from Merck Canada or contact your regional Parkinson Society.