2019 Webinar Series – Mark your Calendars!

2019 Webinars Jan 31, 2019 made possible through an unrestricted educational grant from: Parkinson’s Disease & Dance* David Leventhal and Rachel Bar View on Youtube Feb 26, 2019 At Ease: Accessibility & Neurological Conditions Neli Gontier Register Now Apr 16, 2019 Act on Time: A Parkinson’s Resource Toolkit Neli Gontier Registration available one month before … Read more

Immune system activity could point the way to the development of Parkinson’s disease

Université de Montréal researcher Diana Matheoud has identified the way cells respond to infection or stress as a potential indicator of the onset of Parkinson’s disease. Genetic mutations associated with this neurodegenerative condition also affect this immune system process. More specifically, the effects extend to mitochondria, key structures within cells that provide vital energy for … Read more

Helping Parkinson’s patients confront the problems their treatment causes

A combined assessment of eye movements and genetic factors promises to shed new light on drug-related problems in Parkinson’s disease patients. While medication to boost dopamine levels in the nervous system can restore movement control to many patients, this sharp increase in dopamine can also lead to unwanted cognitive changes such as impulsive behaviour followed … Read more

A Message from Joyce Gordon

Donors and volunteers make progress possible This is my fourteenth year leading Parkinson Canada, and as its CEO, I’ve never felt more grateful for supporters like you. When I started, there was limited research into Parkinson’s disease and it was rarely spoken about in the community. Today, researchers are making advances, and new medications and … Read more

Rudy’s Run for Parkinson’s

Fundraising Your Way is an event program developed in recognition of the creative ways people who are passionate about a world without Parkinson’s are choosing to make their mark in support of Parkinson Canada. For more information on how you can create a unique fundraiser in your community, visit Fundraising Your Way. Rudy Erfle was … Read more

’Tis the Season for Gratitude and Change

Joyce Gordon, CEO

The only thing certain in life is change. We’ve been changing. Since the union of six Parkinson’s organizations in 2016 into one Parkinson Canada, we continue to take the bold steps needed to grow our capacity to reach more people with Parkinson’s, effectively and efficiently. This is more important than ever given that the number … Read more

Canadian Open Parkinson Network funding begins collaboration platform to accelerate Parkinson’s disease research and knowledge

Parkinson Canada together with Brain Canada are pleased to announce the creation of the Canadian Open Parkinson Network (C-OPN). The $2 million Platform Grant is intended to support the initial development and maintenance of a large-scale research network that is built on the foundation of the established and successful Quebec Parkinson Network (QPN), and involve multiple … Read more

Beverly Crandell’s father Gordon lived with Parkinson’s disease for 15 years. The Crandell family came to rely on Parkinson Canada for valuable, accurate information along with hope. Thanks to Parkinson Canada supporters, Beverly, along with her entire family, took comfort in knowing that other people are with you in spirit and in body — supporting … Read more