Message from the Editor

Marina Joseph
Marina Joseph

Welcome to the fall issue of eParkinsonPost for 2014. First up is a reminder to register today for our latest Parkinson Webinar. about New Parkinson’s Treatments Available in Canada since the publication of the Canadian Guidelines on Parkinson Disease. The presentation features experts who led the clinical trials so you may understand treatment options, safety and more. It’s on Wednesday October 22, 2014, from noon to 1:00 pm (Eastern Time.) The Parkinson Webinar is free and you must register in advance, so visit to sign up now!

We are pleased to announce 29 new research awards for 2014 to 2016. Together with the 11 research awards now in their second year, the national Research Program is currently investing a total of $2,015,332. Parkinson Society Canada and it regional partners have funded more than 450 research awards, totalling more than $24 million since 1981.

Some of the research funding comes from the efforts of everyday heroes who participate and donate to our largest, Canada-wide fundraising event Parkinson SuperWalk. Find out about the latest results, which team is out in front so far and how close we are to our $3 million goal for 2014. The event website will be open until December 12 to accept donations.

On the advocacy front, a report on a ground-breaking study provides vital information on the impact of Parkinson’s disease in Canada. We now have all-Canadian, evidence-based information to help us press forward with advocacy plans to help improve the lives of Canadians living with Parkinson’s. Find out how results from the National Population Study on Neurological Conditions increases the chances of policy change and government investment, from increased funding for research to more support for caregivers.

Some of the information in the study report touches on the psychosocial impacts of Parkinson’s disease. And the recent death of Robin Williams also shone a spotlight on the link between depression and Parkinson’s disease, resulting in some confusing media reports. We provide you with some straight answers on this topic.

Finally, we ask you to get involved and prepare for the 2015 federal election and beyond. Now is the time to take on the role of Parkinson’s Ambassador. Consider being a champion for those living with Parkinson’s in your community.

We encourage you to share this newsletter with friends, family and your Parkinson’s health care team. And let your voice be heard by providing comments to the articles in this issue. If you have an idea for a future story, send it to