Duodopa Receives Positive Recommendation

Parkinson Canada is pleased to let you know that a positive recommendation has been published from Canadian Agency for Drugs and Technologies in Health (CADTH’s) Canadian Drug Expert Committee (CDEC) to reimburse DUODOPA for advanced Parkinson’s patients when oral medications no longer control symptoms. As you may know, Duodopa previously had a negative recommendation from CADTH, which made it very difficult to get Duodopa covered in some provinces (e.g. Nova Scotia, BC). In 2017, Parkinson Canada’s Ambassadors got involved in a letter-writing campaign to get coverage for DUODOPA in both of those provinces, and we were successful!

In March 2018, Parkinson Canada submitted evidence to CADTH in support of a positive recommendation. Our submission was informed by interviews with 11 patients who have experience using DUODOPA, as well as survey data from people with Parkinson’s and care partners.

Now that CADTH has given a positive recommendation, we are hopeful that DUODOPA will have a better chance at being covered in other jurisdictions in Canada. We are one step closer to more options being made consistently available to all Canadians with Parkinson’s at every stage of the disease.

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