Dr. Ronald Postuma appointed Chair of Scientific Advisory Board

Dr. Ronald Postuma
Dr. Ronald Postuma

Parkinson Society Canada is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Ronald Postuma as the Chair of its National Research Program Scientific Advisory Board (SAB). Dr. Postuma is a neurologist and assistant professor at McGill University, and author of two booklets on the non-motor symptoms of Parkinson’s disease, one for physicians and one for people with Parkinson’s. As Chair of the SAB, Dr. Postuma will also serve on the Research Policy Committee to ensure continuity between the two volunteer committees.

Dr. Postuma has served as a member of the SAB since May 2012. The SAB is a volunteer panel of respected experts from the Parkinson’s scientific community across Canada and conducts a rigorous peer review process using the Canadian Institutes of Health Research standards to determine scientific excellence and relevance to Parkinson’s disease. This ensures that Parkinson Society Canada funds research that is novel, important and scientifically sound.

To find out more about Parkinson Society Canada’s National Research Program and how the funding process works, download this brochure.