New cellular model for Parkinson’s

Until now, most researchers studying Parkinson’s disease have used animal models or models derived from stem cells to investigate the cause of this neurodegenerative disease, and ways to treat or prevent it. Neither method, though, provides an accurate way of studying age as a risk factor for Parkinson’s disease. That’s why Professor Janelle Drouin-Ouellet, a … Read more

How toxic forms of alpha-synuclein get into these dopamine-producing brain cells

Brain cells don’t just let any proteins through their membranes, but unfortunately, they make an exception for a toxic form of protein called alpha-synuclein that’s at the heart of Parkinson’s disease. Researchers know misshapen or mutated forms of alpha-synuclein form clumps and ultimately kill brain cells that produce dopamine. Dopamine is the signalling chemical that … Read more

News and e-vents

  Ending Parkinson’s Disease webinar Parkinson Canada is pleased to invite you to a conversation with the author of the book Ending Parkinson’s Disease. In this “must-read” book for anyone in the Parkinson Community, four leading doctors and advocates offer a bold action plan “the PACT” to prevent, care for, and treat Parkinson’s disease – one … Read more

Parkinson Canada SuperWalk: Walk Your Way on September 12

Parkinson Canada SuperWalk: Walk Your Way on September 12

Join the movement of more than 80 communities and 10,000 participants for Parkinson Canada SuperWalk, and  ‘Walk Your Way’ in your neighbourhood with your personalized Walk in a Box kit. On September 12 at 11AM ET, attend our online opening ceremony on our Facebook page to kick-off your walk.

Happy Birthday Ralph Richardson, Parkinson Canada SuperWalk National Hero.

Hear from our participants their SuperWalk experience and what drives them.

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This summer, the Parkinson Canada SuperWalk campaign has focused on “SuperWalk: The Movement” a series of monthly exercise activities focused on keeping Canadians, particularly those with Parkinson’s, moving and culminating in a national walk day on September 12.

Hundreds of Canadians with Parkinson’s and other event supporters have taken advantage of the monthly resources to stay active while supporting the walk.

Ralph Richardson of Riverview, NB was already moving when the campaign launched. Five years ago, Ralph was diagnosed with Lewy Body Dementia, and then Parkinson’s Disease just a few years later. Living with Parkinson’s presents daily challenges for Ralph but through it all, he has never lost his determination. Already limited in his activities, when the coronavirus crisis began Ralph’s movement was restricted to home. Even though he couldn’t get out to his usual programs, he was determined to keep on moving – something so important for those dealing with a disease that, among other things, impacts one’s ability to move.

Out of this determination, his driveway walk was born. He set his mind to doing 30 laps and on that first day, he walked his first 8.5. By day 17 he had reached his goal. But he didn’t stop walking. Now Ralph is on a mission to walk 100 days for Parkinson’s, and in doing so, he’s raising money and awareness to support Canadians living with Parkinson’s today, and to help fund research into better treatments and eventually, a cure. He’s now raised more than $25,000.

Ralph’s walk has inspired many. His wife Berys reflects: “even though Parkinson’s robs Ralph of so much he has been determined to turn it into something good. Recently I asked him what he is grateful for and he said, ‘Parkinson’s!’ I questioned him on this answer and he said, ‘Look at all the good this walk is doing!’

She adds, “He still is determined to keep walking, even though every step is an effort to keep going. He’s got more determination and tenacity than anybody I know.’

SuperWalk proudly celebrates this spirit of perseverance, determination and hope. The walk has used the words No Matter What as a rallying cry since 2019 in recognition of the strength of spirit of the Parkinson Community. This year, no one embodies that perseverance more than Ralph Richardson who was named the ‘National Hero’ for the event this year.

To learn more about Ralph’s story, including coverage of his story on CBC Radio – Information Morning, Sportsnet’s Tim and Sid, CTV Atlantic’s Live at Five, and CTV National’s Your Morning, and to register to walk alongside him visit his SuperWalk webpage.

Editor’s Note: Ralph’s Driveway Walk isn’t the only item making news this month. Parkinson Canada was grateful for a donation from a notable name received early in July as well. Every one of our 25,000+ donors to Parkinson Canada SuperWalk is special, but just one of them is a nine-time LPGA Tour winner (all by the age of 22). Parkinson Canada thanks Brooke Henderson for her support of the Lanark North Leeds walk in honour of her great uncle Bob Arnold, and for bringing the heart of a champion to our family of dedicated supporters.

View Brooke’s announcement post on Facebook

Watch Ralph’s Clip on CTV: Your Morning



Invitation from Ottawa Hospital — Participate in a Survey on Parkinson’s Disease / Access to Healthcare Services

We are currently conducting a study to better understand how people living with Parkinson’s disease access healthcare services across Canada and Europe. In the context of this study, we are recruiting people living with Parkinson’s disease to participate. Your participation would consist of completing an on-line questionnaire which should take about 15 minutes. Participation is … Read more

Join us on July 30 for a free virtual panel discussion on the Canadian Open Parkinson Network

Parkinson Canada and World Parkinson Coalition are pleased to present a live virtual panel discussion with leaders of the Canadian Open Parkinson Network (C-OPN) which brings together Canada’s best in Parkinson’s research and will give researchers a platform to share information and make new connections. The network will give investigators access to unprecedented data and will support large scale, multidisciplinary projects that would not be possible at a single research site. Hear from the leadership at C-OPN, live and online, in a free panel discussion on Thursday, July 30 at 4 PM ET/ 1 PM PT.

REGISTER to join this virtual panel.                                                                             

Dr. A. Jon Stoessl – Immediate past WPC President, WPC Board Member and C-OPN Principal Investigator

Dr. Oury Monchi – C-OPN Principal Investigator and co-Director

Dr. Edward (Ted) Fon – C-OPN Principal Investigator and co-Director

The panel discussion will be moderated by Karen Lee, PhD, President and CEO of Parkinson Canada.

REGISTER TODAY and have your questions answered, live.

Read more about C-OPN

For more information, contact

Spinal cord stimulation device to improve mobility

Shuffling, freezing in place and slowness can eventually force some people with Parkinson’s disease to use motorized scooters or wheelchairs or even keep them housebound. Olivia Samotus, a PhD student, is testing the use of an implantable battery that delivers electrical pulses to people’s spinal cords. Samotus’ research is made possible through a Graduate Student … Read more

Putting Assessment in the hands of Patients

    People with Parkinson’s disease might only see their doctors a few times a year, which poses a challenge for tracking the course of this complicated ailment, whose symptoms can vary from day to day or week to week. Dr. Babak Taati, an engineer with KITE (Knowledge, Innovation, Talent, Everywhere), the research arm of … Read more