World Parkinson Congress 2013

Montreal is the place to be on October 1-4, 2013 when Parkinson Society Canada welcomes the international Parkinson’s community to World Parkinson Congress 2013.

The World Parkinson Congress (WPC) is the only global Parkinson’s conference that brings together the entire Parkinson’s community – people with Parkinson’s disease, those who care for them, medical and health professionals and dedicated researchers working toward a cure and better treatments. Over 3,000 delegates from 70 countries attended WPC 2010 in Glasgow, Scotland.

Here’s what some delegates had to say about WPC 2010:

“I not only learned new things – scientific research issues – but more importantly, it was a reminder that the drive of my learning is to benefit those affected by Parkinson’s. I was inspired by the people with Parkinson’s who attended, sent videos and presented.” Clinician

“Every session was filled with a brilliant head of the field scientific researcher who explained (their topic) in a straightforward, comprehensive manner.” Researcher

“I could see how everyone, from the best scientists to the individual Parkinson’s sufferer, can have a real role to play in helping to overcome this disease. I had thought that the scientific research was further advanced than it is. I also saw that there are great possibilities for developing ways to improve the quality of life for people with Parkinson’s.” Person with Parkinson’s

Start planning now to attend WPC 2013:

November 2012: Opening date for submission of videos for the WPC 2013 video competition
December 2012: Opening date for submission of abstracts
January 2013: Registration opens for conference sessions and accommodation
July 2013: Early Bird registration ends