PSC launches ‘Get it on time’ pilot program

Parkinson Society Canada is piloting a new program to ensure Canadians with Parkinson’s get their medication on time, in long-term care facilities and in hospital emergency departments. The ‘Get it on time’ program addresses an issue that is not well known among the health care provider population – the need for people with Parkinson’s to receive medication on time, every time, so that their symptoms do not get out of control, sending them on a downward spiral that can have devastating consequences.

Get it on time First developed in the United Kingdom, the program has been adapted to the Canadian health care environment. The goal is to increase understanding of Parkinson’s disease among front line and nursing staff. The program includes educational materials, in service training, communications tools such as information kits, posters, and innovative ‘Get it on time’ stickers for individual care plans.

The campaign also encourages the person with Parkinson’s to bring their meds to the hospital or care facility so they can continue to self-medicate. “People living with Parkinson’s have said this is a major priority”, said Joyce Gordon, President & CEO, Parkinson Society Canada. “We are working with long-term care facilities and hospitals in a number of regions to help their staff members provide the safest and best possible care,” she added.

The need for the program was readily apparent, as people living with Parkinson’s and their care partners have shared numerous stories of their difficulties in hospitals and care-facility settings with Parkinson Society Canada. Not receiving medication on time causes many potentially disastrous, negative effects on person’s with Parkinson’s health.

People with Parkinson’s are experts in managing their symptoms. Adhering to the individual’s usual medication routine can help staff. As one person with Parkinson’s said, “if you give me my meds an hour before I have to get out of bed, I’ll probably be able to wash and dress myself.”

The ‘Get it on time’ materials are written in the voice of people with Parkinson’s and their care partners. They shared their stories with Parkinson Society Canada to help educate health care staff so others would not experience the difficulties and set-backs in managing Parkinson’s.

The program is being piloted in communities in Quebec, Ontario and Saskatchewan in partnership with regional Parkinson Societies.

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