Parkinson’s: a balancing act

Besides being aware of the physical demands of Parkinson’s, did you know that cognitive changes in Parkinson’s affect people’s ability to understand and produce verbal and non-verbal communications? These changes can result in misinterpretation of verbal instructions, facial gestures and body language; delays in processing information; delayed and/or lengthy responses. When communicating with clients with … Read more

Palliative Care in Parkinson’s

(This article appears in the April 2011 edition of Hospital News) Sandy Sadler was alarmed, when her mother’s neurologist suggested that she might want to start looking into palliative care. “I always connected the term, palliative care, with end of life and I didn’t like that,” says Sadler. “I wondered, is the neurologist telling us … Read more

First Person: Choosing a career in neuroscience and Parkinson’s

By Dr. Isabelle Boileau I chose neuroscience because I wanted to understand how minute changes in brain chemistry can lead to remarkable changes in behaviour and function and can lead to disease. Motivated by my desire to learn about the neurochemistry of human behaviour, the first conscious decision of my scientific career was to work … Read more

Global Parkinson’s Pledge

The Global Parkinson’s Pledge was launched at the World Parkinson Congress in Glasgow, Scotland on September 28, 2010, to help build a global Parkinson’s movement and to make Parkinson’s a health, research, social and economic priority around the world. The goal is to collect 1 million signatures by the next World Parkinson Congress to be … Read more

Kili Conquerors

Reta Currie, an Ottawa nurse and wellness expert met with Parkinson Society Ottawa, just over a year ago, to discuss her dream of building a team to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro while raising awareness and funds for Parkinson Societies across Canada. Reta was determined to make a difference and she wanted to do this on behalf … Read more

PSC leads the way to launch Canada’s first-ever National Brain Awareness Month

Joyce Gordon, CEO of Parkinson Society Canada and Chair of the Neurological Health Charities Canada coalition welcomed more than 300 members of the Canadian brain community to launch Canada’s first-ever National Brain Awareness Month in March, an effort to shine the spotlight on issues facing almost 11 million Canadians living with neurological and psychiatric conditions. … Read more

NHCC presents 2011 Change-Maker Awards to outstanding leaders

As part of National Brain Awareness Month, the members of Neurological Health Charities Canada presented 2011 Change-Maker Awards to three organizations that have demonstrated outstanding leadership in inclusion, innovation and integration for the benefit of Canadians living with brain conditions. Congratulations to: Baycrest Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital The Globe and Mail, special mention to … Read more