Drum circles as fun and therapy

by Philip Thomas Member of the Creston Community Drum Circle in Creston, BC Did you know that alligators can’t be walked on leashes? Within minutes of joining a drum circle, it is a relief to discover that, instead of musical notes, this internal chant is a drumming pattern. Even if you are rhythmically challenged, you … Read more

Doug Martens – Early Bird Prize Winner

Doug Martens, 57, of Winnipeg, Manitoba is the official winner of the first 2010 Parkinson SuperWalk early bird prize draw for a $500 Roots gift card. He qualified by raising over $100 online by May 3rd. “Having my name drawn was totally unexpected,” says Doug. “I rarely win anything so this is like a gift.” … Read more

National Volunteer Awards Now Open for Nominations

Parkinson Society Canada is now accepting nominations for its annual national volunteer awards. The deadline for submissions is Friday, September 17, 2010. Parkinson Society Canada offers three awards each year to recognize individuals for their outstanding contributions to the Parkinson cause in Canada: the David Simmonds Leadership Award, given to a Leadership Volunteer the Mimi … Read more

Message from the editor

Welcome to the first edition of e-ParkinsonPost for 2010. This year, Parkinson Society Canada celebrates 45 years of supporting and serving Canadians with Parkinson’s. We have a proud tradition of providing information and support to enable a better life and a brighter future for people with Parkinson’s disease. We thought that over the next several … Read more

Parkinson’s much more than a movement disorder

Parkinson’s disease is usually considered to be a movement disorder characterized by tremor, rigidity, slow movement or poor balance. Yet when many people with Parkinson’s look back they can point to early changes in areas unrelated to movement, such as, loss of smell, lack of motivation, tiredness, and slower responses when answering questions. A visitor … Read more

New in Parkinson’s research

Reducing brain inflammation in Parkinson’s Dr. Shawn Hayley, associate professor at the Institute of Neuroscience, Carleton University and Canada Research Chair in Neuroscience, is studying an immune system protein in the brain that can reduce inflammation and promote cellular growth. The protein, GM-CSF (granulocyte macrophage colony stimulating factor), may be able to protect dopamine-producing brain … Read more

After the diagnosis

You are in charge of your own health. But if, and when, you need advice about Parkinson’s, there are many resources available in your community and people willing to help. Your local Parkinson organization is an integral part of your support. Educate yourself. Learn all you can about Parkinson’s. Seek information from reputable sources. Start … Read more